"Unlike the common belief that artists are born with talent and have only to find a brush to create masterworks, I believe that the artistic journey is more akin to learning a musical instrument – taking years of study and practice to master. After more than 30 years as a professional painter I am just now beginning to understand how far this journey is, and that "talent" is really the passion that allows me the necessary energy and discipline to keep painting. It is just that, the many hours of brush time, that finally results in that rare thing: A beautiful painting.


"As a painter, I am dedicated to achieving the skill and knowledge that makes communication through a well-placed brush stroke possible. Every moment I am immersed in the artistic experience brings a joy that goes deep into my soul.

"My goal is simple: to share my love and celebration of the natural world with others."

“Because of how I see the beauty of nature my paintings are exuberant with color and energy. I paint each day feeling the tradition of America's plein-air masters close behind me, immersed in the light and atmosphere of the day. There is simply no way to describe the intense experience and connection that occurs when painting from nature.”