First Blog Entry: What to name this blog, anyway... / by Shauna Shane

Koi Pond, Pastel

This begins a quiet rant and discussion about the life and times of a "famous artist."  Famous Artist...I started using that description on my name tags, gosh, it was in 1982, just a couple of years after I started this life as an artist, I mean, serious, no plan B or back-up plan, support me and the kids on only this – Artist. My studio landlord and neighbor, Dean Miller, referred to me always as "famous artist," so I decided it should stay with me. (Thanks, Dean.)

Mission: To inform and instruct about how to improve the quality of what we create artistically. To describe the creative crazy brain activity and the daily life of a single, more than mature, working artist. And to explore "this American life" from  the point of view of a single woman, mother, grandmother, businesswoman and friend.