My professional painting career began in 1980 with watercolor as my first medium. The image below is a watercolor of my teacher and mentor painted in 1984 for an exhibit at the Museum of the Rockies titled “The Subject as Catalyst.” I titled this painting of Ray Campeau “The Catalyst as Subject.”

Watercolor has a reputation of being the most difficult medium. I found another truth in my experience moving from watercolor to oil painting, and that is that the difficult medium is the one accomplished last. If I began in oil, as most artists do, I would believe watercolor the most challenging. In any event, it is common for artists to explore both oil and watercolor painting during their careers, and it remains true that each medium supports the other, in the requirement for solid composition, and an awareness of shadow and light.


“The Catalyst as Subject” portrait in W/C of Raymond Campeau from 1984

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